Summer is in full swing and you can enjoy the warm months elegantly with a spring/summer garland for your front door. When building a beautiful spring/summer wreath, you can also do an awesome home improvement job with arch construction tools.

The great thing about beautiful DIY bows and garlands for spring/summer is that they are a great indoor summer craft for the whole family. It is ideal to find one of the best fabric suppliers to buy tulle fabric, organza fabric, white polka dot ribbon, chair covers, tablecloths and many more. Below I will give some tips on how to make beautiful summer garlands or bows.

Nastro Funk tape with three tapes

Necessary equipment:

  • Great Arch Building Tool
  • 2½” Roll of White-brown Plaid Patterned Ribbon
  • 2″ roll canvas wire strip
  • 1-inch roll of white polka-dot ribbon

As follows:

  • Fold the arc wire in half and fold it under the arc construction tool. After that, make 1 loop (30″– 4″) from the white-brown plaid ribbon, cut it out and attach it directly to the sheet-making tool.
  • You can take the canvas tape, make a loop, cut it and store it directly on the tool. Next, take a white polka dot ribbon, make a bow, cut it out and insert it exactly into the tool.
  • In a similar procedure, you can make 3 more loops from the three different strips.
  • You can fix the bow with a few knots of thread on the back and the appearance by gagging the loops and cutting the contour of the dovetail connection at the ends of the tail.
  • Diy Spring/Summer Wreath

Necessary equipment:

  • Great Arch Building Tool
  • 1½” roll of blue ribbon
  • 14″ screw crown
  • Two Categories of Blue Flower Stalks with Leaves of Spra…
  • Hot glue

How to make:

  • First, bend the wire in half and bend it under the tool.
  • After cutting the long tails from the roll of blue tape, hold them directly on the tool. After that, take the tape, turn it over, leave it on the tool and make 8 loops (3½
  • Secure the loop with a few knots of thread on the back and finish by gagging the loops and turning the tails inward.
  • Finally, glue the bow tightly to the wreath and complete some decorative blue flower stems with leaf branches with hot glue.
  • Here are some ideas of DIY summer garlands and curls that you can make with ribbon. You will find one of the most well-known fabric suppliers to buy grosgrain ribbon, white polka dot ribbon, chair covers, runners and many more.

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