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Learn how to make a warm cocoa tree advent calendar. It’s a fun and unique way to count until Christmas.

I love Advent Calendars. The anticipation of Christmas is my favorite part and any kind of Christmas Countdown only adds to the hype. They are so funny!
Today I will show you how to make a hot cocoa tree countdown calendar! This precious tree shape contains 24 packs of hot cocoa. Remove one to enjoy every day until Christmas.

And best of all, you can give it away with the cup on the bottom, but it can be easily removed so that the recipient of the gift can use the cup with his cocoa every day! The hobbyist lobby had so many Christmas mugs that I had a hard time choosing.

I made my tree with hot cocoa packets, but you can also use tea or coffee or even candy, cookies or Crackers that have the right package shape. Definitely room for customization here.

To create a hot cocoa tree advent calendar, you will need the following supplies:

  • Necessary Materials
  • Christmas Mug
  • Cone Tree-Small Size
  • Wooden Star Ornament
  • Kraft Paper Labels
  • Number of Stickers
  • Stickers inflated with hot chocolate-absolutely unnecessary, but they were so cute that I could not resist
  • Garland Of Berry Seeds
  • Jute twine or Baker’s Twine
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue Stick
  • 24 packs of hot chocolate

Wrap each individual packet of hot chocolate with a piece of scrapbook or colored cardboard. Then add a cute label and be sure to label them 1 to 24 for the 24 days of December before Christmas. The black digital stickers I used in the Video Tutorial were a bit small, so I used a white pencil and drew the numbers on the larger ones. This part only serves to make the packages cute, so you can embellish as much or as little as your heart desires. I added the puffy hot cocoa stickers just because I found them adorable.

Start gluing cocoa packets to the cone shaft. I put the numbers so that they are removed every day in order. I went very easily on the hot glue so that the packages could be easily pulled out. I’m pretty sure I can use all this again Next year!

After all the cocoa packets are fixed, lightly attach the cone to the cup with hot glue. The goal is to make sure that the design stays together, but it is easy to disassemble if you want to use the cup. This is how it looks without the packages, so you can see that the cone and the cup fit together so well.

Add a wooden star to the top of the tree with the help of hot glue, then wrap the tree in the berry garland for a festive finishing touch.

Wasn’t he so cute?! I just like that it’s unique, cute and something that can be used. It would make a great gift or something fun for your friend or your children or a neighbor.

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