If Halloween is one of your favorite holidays, chances are that you have recently started decorating your home inside and out with cobwebs, pumpkins and other decorations. Don’t forget to stock up on duct tape when choosing your Christmas decorations for the season. We love having this product on hand because it has so many different uses.

Spend less money on Hello Preparations these inexpensive DIY hello decorating decorations will completely transform your indoor and outdoor spaces, whether you are an experienced craftsman or an absolute beginner. These simple and inexpensive ideas range from homemade pumpkin dioramas to bloody table decorations.

Discover this 5 Hi nastro:

1. Crown with personalized bow

Any garland wire frame can be dressed up with a merry Christmas bow. To make a large bow, you just need a coil of metal tape. This will be your new strategy of choice once you realize how easy it really is.

2. Surrounded by a black tree

A cheerful and cheerful ribbon is exactly what an artificial black tree needs. Before adding scary ornaments, wrap your Hello Albero with a perfect texture and aesthetics.

3. Wooden letter Displa lettera

Use specially painted wooden letters to spell “boo” or any other scary phrase. To hang them on the front door or on the wall above the fireplace, use a piece of tape.

4. Make a garland of ribbons

To get the ideal background for your favorite hi-nastro that starts with a shape, decorate it with your favorite party ribbon. Even better, you can create stripes by switching between two different bands.

5. Tie a knot in a basket

A simple bow can turn ordinary items into cheerful decorations. To combine them with the rest of your decor Hello decorazioni


Decoration for Hello sicuro

1. Strategic lighting

Although the Halloeen path lamps in the form of pirates emit a ghostly glow.

2. Clearing the corridors

To prevent trick or treat from tripping over your decorations, keep them away from the aisles and secure the power cables tightly.

3. Fire protection

Lanterns or black lanterns are an excellent place for battery-powered candles, and path lighting and ghostly shadows can be achieved with solar or plug-in spotlights.

4. Doing “stuff” just for fun

Make sure that creepy decorations, such as hanging spiders or surprise goblins, do not touch, hurt or stumble over anyone.

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