There are still a little less than two months until the New Year, a time that requires a little fun at the party.

Here are some simple DIY tips to help you add a festive touch to your celebration in a smart and practical way.

1. An accordion clock made of paper

To make an accordion clock out of paper, you will need: two rolls of suitable kraft paper, a cardboard circle (8 cm in diameter), glue, a clockwork mechanism, numbered stickers (3,6,9,12) and a retractable knife.


  • divide the matching kraft paper in half (horizontally).
  •  Fold each of the four pieces of paper once every 1 cm.
  • Form a pipe by gluing all these sections together (blunt).
  • Create the middle by pressing the top of the tube down (to smooth it).
  •  Drill a hole 1 cm long in the center of the paper and attach it to the
  • Back in the form of an accordion. Place stickers with numbers (3,6,9 and 12 )
  • Finally and most importantly, center the mechanism of your watch.

Use MicrosoftOrd art in Microsoft Word to print the reverse contours of numbers (1 to 10) on colored countdown numbers (in different colors). Using a retractable knife, cut out each digit, add random stars (with a star hand stamp) and insert them into the slots of the plonk cork.

2. Party Ball with sequins

You will need a paper lantern in the form of a ball, glue, sequins and a clean towel (to place where you work)


  • apply glue to the areas of the lantern surface and immediately cover the area with enough glitter.
  •  continue in the same way until the entire surface of the lantern is covered Spark.
  •  after the first layer has dried, add two more layers of glitter to make sure that it does not dry out
    the area seems to be not-found.

3. Shiny Hanging Streamers

You will need cardboard, glue, wrapping paper, a circular cutter, a monofilament, an awl and tacks.


  • Cover each piece of cardboard with wrapping paper after application on both sides.
  •  cut circular pieces of paper with a diameter range (from 2″ to 6″).
  • equip each circle with a hole at the top and bottom (in the smallest, make a hole only at the top).
  •  line up these circles (large to small) with jump rings.
  •  each banner must be hung on the ceiling or on the doors with monofilament and bedbugs.

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