A vibrant and flexible ribbon known as decorative mesh consists of a mesh fabric. Deco Mesh is a popular ribbon and a necessary element in many crafts due to its adaptability and wide range of colors. For example, colorful and seasonal garlands can be made with a decorative mesh.

Start applying your first paint:

  • Wrap floral wire or a small piece of metal wire at the end of the decorative mesh tape to secure it around the frame when winding.
  • To hide the rough edges, bend the end of the strip under it.
  • Use ribbon or wire colors that almost match the color of the metal frame.
  • The 15 cm (6 in) decorative mesh tape should be of appropriate size for standard-size garlands with different colors.

Wrap the first tape around the frame:

  • Again, wrap the length around the frame, after placing it around the starting point and on the upper edge of the frame.
  • The distance between each connection point should be between 2 and 3 inches (5 and 8 cm). Separate the stitches evenly.
  • The strip used to establish the connection to the next connection point should be about twice as long as the edge used to establish the connection. For example, if the connection points are 2 inches (5 cm) apart, it should take 4 inches (10 cm) of tape to get there.
  • To add volume,” fluff ” or group the decorative mesh tape while walking.
  • Use a small thread to connect the tape to each link.
  • Return the ribbon to the beginning and attach it to the original thread to complete the end. To hide the raw edge, insert the end of the strip under it.

Wrap your second color

Insert the second tape so that it covers all the gaps left by the first. When you are done, the metal frame should be mostly hidden.
The” inflated “or” inflated ” sections of the first strip are placed under the connection points of the second strip.
The second tape should be evenly distributed over the parts of the previous tape.
Attach the second tape to the frame with the same thin thread with which the first tape was tied.

Weaving in additional shades

Any gaps on the crown can be filled with more decorative tape. In general, three or four colors work best, but you can use more or less depending on the desired aesthetics.
You can also use a shade previously present in your crown to fill in the gaps.
Use the same technique to fix additional layers of tape as the first two.

Add more embellishments with glue

Heavy decorations, such as ornaments, can be attached directly to the frame with a hot glue gun.
Lighter ornaments, such as feathers or foam letters, can be attached to the frame or the tape itself with craft glue.

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